Georgia's Democrats: They Have a Dream

The Economist cites the Southern Elections Foundation's True South report in an article discussing Georgia’s changing demographics:

Georgia's Democrats: They Have a Dream
The Economist

...Both young and ethnic-minority voters are less likely to vote in mid-terms than in presidential elections. Half a million fewer blacks voted in Georgia’s 2010 mid-term than in the presidential election two years later. This is worrisome for both Ms Nunn and Jason Carter, the Democratic grandson of former president Jimmy Carter, who is running against Georgia’s Republican governor.

Research by Ben Jealous, a former leader of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP), suggests that if 60% of Georgia’s unregistered black voters were registered, that could mean 290,000 new voters—30,000 more than the average margin of victory for a governor in the state. This helps explain why Democrats have been heavily involved in non-partisan efforts to sign up new voters...

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