Founded by Julian Bond, the Southern Elections Fund will build true democracy in the South by fighting massive voter suppression with massive voter registration.


The Southern Elections Fund will work in the South to expand the electorate, develop new leaders of color, and ensure that enhanced electoral power brings progressive change.


The prevailing political wisdom has it that progressive policies cannot “win the day” in the South. The Southern Elections Fund (SEF) has examined the numbers, and we know otherwise.

SEF is the spiritual successor to Julian Bond’s organization of the same name, which funded a tidal wave of victories for black elected officials throughout the South in the early 1970’s. It has been reincarnated to accelerate the electoral impact of the rapidly changing demographics of the South. We believe that people of color and progressive whites represent the South’s political future, and our purpose is to make that future come faster. Simply put, the power of SEF is in our ability to combine big vision and big data to produce big results for progressives in the most conservative region in the country.

SEF combines a well-researched understanding of demographic change, a clear plan, and a uniquely experienced team prepared to change the South – and the United States – forever.